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Professor Arne Kislenko
ASB Faculty Advisor

Arne Kislenko is Associate Professor of History at Ryerson University and an instructor in the International Relations Program at Trinity College and the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. Arne is the founder of ASB and has served as faculty adviser since its inception in 2006. ASB leadership relies on Arne for advice, support, fundraising expertise, and many other things. If it weren’t for this man, ASB Ryerson would cease to exist! Arne is an avid traveler and believes that travel is one of the best educations. He has accumulated many tales from nearly 30 years trekking much of the globe, and he has his sights set on conquering the rest of the world. He has won numerous teaching awards, including the prestigious 3M National Teaching Fellowship, Ryerson's President's Award for Teaching Excellence, the Province of Ontario Leadership in Faculty Teaching (LIFT) Award, and being named Ontario’s “Best Lecturer” by TV Ontario following its first “Academic Idol” contest. Before academia, Arne worked with Canada Immigration for 12 years as a Senior Officer, dealing with many high profile and national security cases. He appears regularly in the media and advised on or appeared in numerous TV documentaries, including as host of the National Geographic television series "Living in the Time of Jesus" (2011). A full bio is at www.kislenko.com.

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Kelly Johnson 

India 2020 – Project Coordinator

Honduras 2010 – Team Leader





Joshua Hunter

India 2020 - Team Leader

India 2019 - Team Member

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Peter Calow


India 2020 – Team Leader

India 2019 – Team Member



Caitlin Boyle 

India 2020 – Team Leader

India 2019 – Team Member