Project Honduras

About the Organization

"The Honduras Child Alliance projects were initiated in response to our awareness that the cycle of poverty in Honduras is perpetuated through lack of education.  As we look at the bright faces of the children in our community, it is impossible to not be conscious of the enormous wasted potential within these young lives due to lack of opportunity.

The heart of our program lies in the combined passion of our volunteers, project managers, donors, and directors. From all over the world and from a true diversity of backgrounds, we are united by our love of children – – for who they are and for who they can become. This shared dedication blends into a unique and effective skill-set to support our educational and humanitarian projects.

As we collaborate to create viable opportunities for children in Honduras, we welcome volunteers, sponsors, and co-operation with like-minded organizations."








Organization: Honduras Child Alliance (HCA)

Location: El Porvenir, Honduras








The Project

Our team will be working on two different projects during our stay in Honduras. The first is a classroom extension project. The local school is currently using a small house as one of their classrooms. Our team will be assisting local builders in construction of a patio extension onto the back of the house that will allow the school to serve more children. The patio will have a metal roof in order to keep the students out of the rain and sun. The second piece of our project is playground construction. We will be assisting in building playground equipment in hopes to create a safe space for children to play. 

Projects and volunteer roles will vary from community to community as community needs may change at any given time.






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Depending on our group size, the ASB group will be accommodated in either a volunteer house or a nearby hostel. 

HCA will supply three meals a day for every day of the week except for Sundays in order to give the local workers a day off. There are several trusted retracts nearby that HCA recommends if we choose to go out to eat on Sundays. There are also nearby grocery stores if our group chooses to self-cater on Sundays. In both accommodation styles, we will have an accessible kitchen. Clean drinking water is also included in the NGO fees, and extra bottled drinking water will be available at the local grocery stores.