ASB depends on a number of sponsors and supporters to help make our projects become a reality. Without these generous donors, who seek nothing more than to see positive change and give students a life-changing opportunity, ASB's success would not be possible. Here are some of the organizations that have helped support ASB in the past.

ASB not only needs financial support, but support in many other ways. Whether it’s providing advice for leadership, booking rooms, facilitating pre-departure sessions or just being there to listen, ASB is grateful to all of those who have helped us along the way. These contributions are invaluable and we are truly grateful to the following people:

Mohomed Lachemi - President of Ryerson University   

Sheldon Levy - Former President of Ryerson University   

Fatima DaSilva - Department Administrator, History  
David Begg - Ryerson International       
Sid Naidu - Alumni Relations
Glen Weppler - Ryerson Director, Student Community Life 
Jill Careless - Ryerson, Student Experience Centre             
Olga Moraczynski - Ryerson Alum, Grameen Foundation       
Stephan Tang - Ryerson, Student Experience Centre          
Stephen Chong - Ryerson, Administration                         
Teresa Lee - Ryerson, Administration and Support